Mushkin REDLINE 1 GB Dual Pack

16:07 01 March in Cooling

Introduction Overclocking at low latency has always been the target of most enthusiasts. We all know that running the memory at extreme timings will boost your system’s performance significantly. However, with overclocking, most of the time we have to sacrifice latency over speed. That has changed...

asetek WaterChill Cooling System

10:29 01 January in Cooling

To extreme overclockers, enthusiasts and power users, asetek is definitely a household name. The asetek name is synonymous for the very first “affordable” mainstream phase change cooler readily available to the public, the vapochill™. They designed and produced what could possibly be the best cooler...

Cooler Master Aquagate

10:30 16 December in Cooling

Innovation has been part of Cooler Master’s long history in the PC industry. We’ve seen this company come up with very innovative and cool products day after day. So when they decided to delve into the art of watercooling, something as you know is very...

CoolRiver Deluxe Water Cooling Kit

10:33 29 November in Cooling

As water cooling is fast becoming mainstream, more and more companies are thinking of having a piece of the once small market. With the arrival of faster and hotter processor, the demand for this form of active cooling is getting bigger. In the water cooling scene,...

Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 System Cooler

10:31 12 November in Cooling

Cooling is a major component in almost about everything in a PC system. Hardware and components gets very hot and when this happens, there could a lot of consequences if it is not remedied. System becomes unstable, hardware’s life shortens, overclocking potential becomes limited, etc....