How to Build a Server

10:21 10 November in How-to

This article was made to show you how the current OCTools server was built from scratch a while back. Look and see how to build a server. The server was made using parts coming from different sources. Most parts were used in some tests for...

Lapping a CPU

10:24 07 May in How-to

The art of CPU lapping, especially the Celeron, has been a well known secret for most overclockers. The main aim for doing this procedure is to get better heat transfer between the hestsink and the processor, thus a cooler CPU temp. By sanding the nickel...

Cable Modem Tweaking Guide

10:27 05 November in How-to

Ahh broadband, every gamer’s dream.. I’m sure you have seen all the ads on TV or heard them on the radio: “Cable modems are up to 100x faster than your conventional dial-up.” “It’s instant, its faster video, its richer graphics, better sound.” Blah blah blah....