Mushkin REDLINE 1 GB Dual Pack

Mushkin REDLINE 1 GB Dual Pack

16:07 01 March in Cooling


Overclocking at low latency has always been the target of most enthusiasts. We all know that running the memory at extreme timings will boost your system’s performance significantly. However, with overclocking, most of the time we have to sacrifice latency over speed. That has changed recently with the rebirth of Winbond’s BH5 in the form of UTT chips.

Mushkin was one of the first few memory manufacturers to take advantage of these chips. With the ability to run at ultra low latencies using high voltages at fast speeds, UTT chips offer the best of both worlds for the ultimate enthusiast. Today, we are gonna be looking at one such product from Mushkin. Introducing, the 1GB XP4000 2-2-2 REDLINE Dual Pack.

How does Mushkin describe the 1GB XP4000 REDLINE Dual Pack?

“The XP4000 REDLINE eliminates the memory as a potential bottleneck when overclocking. THE REDLINE MEMORY MODULES ARE DESIGNED TO RUN AT HIGHER VOLTAGES UP TO 3.5V AND SUFFICIENT COOLING IS A REQUIRED. Active Cooling Required *—-Due to the extreme speed of these modules along with the added voltages used, Mushkin requires end users to Actively cool their memory modules. Modules that are not properly cooled will/may not meet rated timings and speeds, and may become susceptible to premature failure. We generally recommend 15-25cfm of direct airflow over the ram modules which can be easily accomplished with one 60mm or 80mm low rpm fan. This will insure increased stability and lifespan of your Redline modules.
Recommended Platforms— Mushkin tests all Redline memory modules on Athlon64 platforms. Furthermore, when running two modules, only Socket 939 platforms are validated to run at rated specifications/timings. We currently recommend and validate the Redline memory series on the DFI LanParty UT NForce4 Ultra-D, DFI LanParty UT NForce4 SLI-DR, and DFI LanParty NForce4 SLI-DR boards as they provide the best combination of voltage options and compatibility for the Redline Series. Other motherboards may work, but may require modification for adequate voltages, and may not produce optimal results. Single Channel Athlon64 systems may have a hard time running 2x512mb dimms at rated speeds due to memory load on the single channel memory controller. Pentium4 and AthlonXP systems generally will not obtain rated specifications secondary to motherboard/memory controller limitations. These modules are compatible with most motherboards for Pentium4/AthlonXP CPUs, however end users are advised that lower frequencies achieved.”

The XP4000 REDLINE belongs to Mushkin’s Extreme Performance Series. It consists of two matched 512mb modules specifically designed for use on dual channel systems. This dual pack is based on Winbond’s very famous UTT chips rated at ultra low latencies of 2-2-2. The detailed specs for the modules are listed below.



Latency 2-2-2
Frequency 500MHz
Parity Unbuffered
Voltage 3.3V-3.5V
Module Density 64Mx64
Chip Density 32Mx8
Pins 184
Package Jet Black 6 Layer PCB
Heat Spreader Yes (color may vary)
Part # 991440


The Modules

The Mushkin 1GB XP4000 2-2-2 REDLINE Dual Pack arrived to us packed in a box with each module secured in a seperate plastic enclosure. Usually we receive them in Mushkin’s trademark “airbag” but this time it wasn’t the case. Inside you’ll find a Mushkin cutout label complete with specifications and installation instructions at the back.

These modules were built with sixteen 32M x 8 bit DDR chips in a dual bank, double sided configuration mounted on a Jet Black 6 Layer PCB. Gotta love those black PCBs that Mushkin are known for. From the markings on the PCB, it is very clear that they are using Brainpower 815. These PCBs have been known to produce better results when it comes to overclocking.

This dual pack is designed for use specifically on AMD Athlon64 nforce 4 dual ddr platforms running a 250Mhz (DDR500) memory bus. SPD is programmed at an extreme 2-2-2-6 latency values and tested at 3.3v – 3.5v. These modules are validated and guaranteed to run on boards with high memory voltage options only like the DFI nforce 4 boards. Active cooling is also required when running these REDLINE modules.

The custom-designed aluminum Heatspreader reduces the risk of localised hot spots within the memory core and further increases overclocking margins of the modules, according to Mushkin. Note though that heatspreader color may vary and that tampering with them VOIDS warranty. Our particular sample has the red heatspreader to match the REDLINE name.

Test Setup

DFI nf4 SLI-DR Motherboard supplied by IWAY
AMD Athlon64 3200+ s939 Venice Core
Sapphire RADEON X800XT- 256MB VIVO PCI-E supplied by PCAlpha
Enermax 550w PSU
Western Digital 120Gb 7200 rpm SATA
G.Skill Extreme PC3200 2-2-2-5 1GB Kit for comparison
Windows XP Professional SP2
ATI Catalyst 5.6
Direct X 9.0c
Sandra 2005 SP2
Comanche 4 (640×480 No Audio)
Quake 3 (Fastest)
3DMark2001 SE
Doom 3 D3 Bench by VIAVGA (640×480 MQ)
Photoshop V2 Benchmark by DriverHeaven




Test Methodology and Results

The Mushkin 1GB XP4000 2-2-2 REDLINE Dual Pack was tested at 250MHz (DDR500) 1T command rate. It was tested using the ultra low timings of CL 2-2-2-5.  The memory was set to run at 1:1 synchronous with the CPU and with the vDIMM set at 3.3v. Testing was done under Dual Channel configuration. For comparison, we used another UTT based memory capable of running the same settings, the G.Skill Extreme PC3200 2-2-2-5 1GB Kit. Because the Mushkin 1GB XP4000 2-2-2 REDLINE Dual Pack can also run at the incredible latencies of CL 1.5-2-2-5, we also included the results generated from these timings.




*higher is better applies to all benchmarks unless specified

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