Z-Wave is the future of home automation

Z-Wave is the future of home automation

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Z-wave is a state of the art technology for home automation. There have been several techniques in the past that have proven to be unstable. 

The new technology of Z-Wave ensures two way feedback for light switches, camera’s, thermostats etc.

The standardized technology has been developed for automating residential and light applications such as Z-Wave motion sensors, lighting control, security systems, thermostats, blinds, remote controls, access control systems, PC apps and Internet gateways. Its products truly make sense for today’s houses, thus, rendering it the preferred technology for wireless control.

Safety & Security: A Z-Wave control can activate other Z-Wave gadgets to send you a notification when the security systems falter.

Lighting: A single touch can control any of your interior or exterior light sources such as bulbs and tubes, through the automated programming and custom ambient setup.


Windows & Coverings: You can run motorized blinds and coverings through a remote control or through Z-Wave device commands.

Appliance Control: A Z-Wave system can facilitate you to add appliances in kitchen, garden, laundry, and room to a home network easily and quickly for controlling them remotely.

HVAC Control: You can automate air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems to enjoy maximum savings as well as comfort.

Home Entertainment: You can effortlessly control several systems such as PCs and media players in your home through floors and walls.

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